SSPLD Orange Volumes 


User Guide 

Search Page


The top half of the page contains the rch form, while the bottom half contains the selection grid that links to records.


You can use the numbers at the bottom of the page to navigate backwards and forwards through the numbered pages.


You can also alter the sort of the results grid by making a choice from the Sort by: dropdown list (* and clicking Go).


When you search your results will appear in the grid situated below the Search form. You can return to the full database listing by clicking on Search Again.


The amount of records displayed on each page of the grid can be changed by selecting a new amount on the Page Size drop down list (*and clicking Go).

You can also Export your Search results to MS Word or MS Excel by clicking on one of the icons on the Search panel.

Quick links on the page allow you to Go to bottom of page or Back to top of page.


* This only applies if javascript has been switched off in the browser as dropdown lists will not refresh.



Searching by Year, Benefit and Topic


You can search by Year, Benefit and Topic by choosing from the respective dropdowns (* and clicking Go). The three drop down lists are linked together; i.e. choosing a Benefit will alter Topic dropdown values accordingly, and vice versa.


If there is no specific category try searching by word or phrase instead.  



Searching the notes by word or phrase  


You can search the database by a word or phrase that appears in the text of the record. Just type the word or phrase in the Text Search box, and click the Search for Text button. For example:   


To search for all documents that contain the word departure enter departure in Text Search box.


To search for all documents that contain the phrase departure direction enter departure direction in Text Search box.


To search for all documents that contain either the word  departure or the word direction, enter departure or direction.


To search for all documents that contain both the word departure and the word direction then use search for departure and direction.


To search for words / phrases beginning with e.g. depart then enter depart*


You can mix the operators or, and, * e.g. depart* and direction


Clicking the Clear Search Text will remove your search criteria from the    Search Text box.



Search Results


The search engine will find any record(s) that match your search. The search results will appear in the results grid. If the record you want is there, click on it to go to the details of the record on the View page.                 


If the result is No records found for Text Search [.] .. Search text cleared, you should change one or more of your search criteria. 


Viewing a record


To view a record click on the entry for the record on the grid and you will be taken to the View a Record page.  From here you can read the details of the record and if a document/s are attached click on the link/s to launch and view the record.  Clicking on the Back to Results link at either the top or bottom of the page will take you back to the Search Page.